“This year we are celebrating the first 100 years of success and independence of Finland. We want to celebrate this together and what better way to do this than to invite the World to learn together with us” says Edunation’s advisor Peter Vesterbacka, Finnish entrepreneur and former Mighty Eagle of the Angry Birds brand.


Experience Finland and the quality of Finnish higher education.


Edunation is working on making high quality Finnish education much more easily available to the world. The aim of Edunation is to offer an easy way for students around the world to access the top-notch universities and the easy-going student life in Finland. Helsinki has a unique location at the heart of Eurasia, only 7 hours to Beijing, 6 hours to Delhi and with Brussels just around the corner, less than 3 hours away.

100.000 international students by 2020


Edunation is the bridge builder and innovator in student mobility. Our first aim is to bring 100.000 full degree students from non-EU/EEA countries to enroll in the Finnish higher education by the year 2020.

Edunation wants to challenge universities to re-think their existing application processes and to see how things could be made in the most efficient, flexible and attractive way for students. Our focus is in supporting student mobility, increasing general knowledge about Finland and making marketing, recruitment and admissions processes easier for universities as well as for the students.


How can this work?


The World’s best education system and the safest environment


Finnish higher education has the growing potential to be one of the greatest export industries in Finland. Finland has been in top of the PISA surveys and our universities are in the top 2% of world’s university rankings. Finland is the most ideal environment for international students to lead a student life and to raise a family, ranking highest in the availability, the costs and the quality of childcare and education (InterNations survey, 2016).

In Finland, residents are truly taken care of and everyone enjoys equal benefits. All students have an access to the affordable and nutritious student meals, sport facilities and health care. In addition, Edunation is negotiating with the government to have family visas for all the students applying to Finland.

Finland is the most socially progressive country, having a safe environment and stable economy. Every year our clean nature attracts more people to enjoy variety of the four seasons.

Studying in Finland combines high quality education with meeting friendly people, immersing in a diverse culture and living in a stable economy. Students who have studied in Finland can get hold of opportunities that translate into life-changing expertise.